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Welcome to our Exploring Legacy ™ Family Journey.

Our family of five traveled around the world to 22 countries in 36 months exploring our ancestral lineage while embarking on our own personal journey…

Where are we now?

Ghana, West Africa

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Anderson Family – Exploring Legacy
Anderson Family Ancestral Lineage Healing Journey
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Exploring Legacy Experiences Ghana
Exploration and healing
of our ancestral identity
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Ancestral Healing and Cultural Experiences in Ghana & W. Africa
Ghana/Togo/Benin/Nigeria/Sierra Leone

Exploring Legacy ™ West Africa Experiential Tours & Sacred Ancestral Healing Journey

Purposefully Curated healing and alignment, cultural, business experiences, and events in Ghana & W. Africa

We craft unique, immersive small group tours and experiences that empower our visitors to experience a proper introduction and access to the African culture and heritage lost to diasporans over the centuries.

  • Sacred Ancestral Healing Experiences, connecting with the motherland
  • Entrepreneurial/Doing Business in Africa Tours
  • Cultural Experiences

At some point in all lineages, a soul will be born that decides to bring healing to their ancestors. If you are here, this beautiful soul is you… and it is time…

  • Do you yearn to feel a sense of wholeness and belonging in who you are?
  • Do you see unhealthy patterns and cycles in your life, and are you ready to heal them?
  • Are you ready to heal at the root?

You will experience lineage healing and tap into the ancient wisdom of your benevolent ancestors. You will release ancient negative patterns tied to your childhood, parents, and ancestors — so that you can break the cycle and thrive. Balanced with an element of fun and exploration making this pilgrimage fully integrated.

Exploring Legacy ™ Foundation


The foundation was established to assist young adults between 18-25 create a better future through the power of experiential journeys in Africa. Our life-changing experience in Ghana led us to create the Exploring Legacy Foundation and open the doors to our 10-day Rite of Passage…

  • Feel wiser, stronger, more confident, and self-aware in who you are
  • Strengthen your boundaries, self-love + self-worth
  • Create a clear vision and mission for the life they would like to live
  • Develop a sense of knowing and belonging as individuals and in a community setting
The African Birthright & Rite Of Passage Program
Arrow Exploring Legacy Foundation
Rite Of Passage Program for All Young Adults of African Ancestry

The program includes a full scholarship for all young adults of African ancestry who have never visited the continent.

We feel compelled to spread this wisdom to help the youths of today connect with their roots and themselves thus creating a better world

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our community
Teen Rite of Passage Ghana, W. Africa
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A People without the knowledge of the past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots

Marcus Garvey
West Africa Experiential Tours & Ancestral Healing Journey