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African Rite Of Passage
Journey of Self Discovery for Adults 18-25 of African Ancestry
Free African Birthright and Riteof Passage Experience
A free African Adventure & Right Of Passage
A 10 Day journey of self-discovery for young adults 18-25 of African Ancestry

What’s included…

What awaits you

Free African Round Trip Airfare

Round-trip airfare

Accommodation in Ghana West Africa


Experience Ghana and West Africa’s Cuisine

2 meals per day

Transportation in and around Ghana and Sierra Leone West Africa


Travel Guide in Ghana West Africa

guided excursions

Adventures in Ghana West Africa

and much more...

Locations in Ghana

Elmina/ Cape Coast Enslavement Castle Dungeons Ghana, Africa

Elmina/Cape Coast

Assin Manso Ancestral Slave River Site - Visit Ghana

Assin Manso

Kumasi and Accra Tours Ghana Africa

Kumasi & Accra

Exploring Legacy Foundation

The foundation was established to assist young adults between 18-25 create a better future through the power of experiential journeys in Africa. The Anderson Family’s life-changing experience in Ghana led them to create the Exploring Legacy Foundation and open the doors to our 10-day Rite of Passage program…
Experiencing This Specially Curated African Ancestral Healing Journey

We trust that after experiencing this specially curated journey, a participant will take away the following:

Are you eligible?
Do you have African Ancestry?
Are you between 18-25 years old?
Will this be your first time on the continent?
Connecting with African Ancestry

If you answered yes to these questions, you are eligible for the program!

The program includes a full scholarship for all young adults 18-25 years of African ancestry who have never visited the continent.

Connect With Yourself And Your African Ancestry Roots

We feel compelled to spread this wisdom to help the youths of today connect with their roots and themselves thus creating a better world!

The Andersons
Exploring Legacy Foundation - Be Part of the African Rite of Passage Program
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Are you 18-25 years old with African Ancestry and never been to the continent?